State of the Market

Every two months we undertake a review of the property market (from our point of view) in the Haute Savoie. We cover quite a large area and this review helps us keep abreast of what is happening across the region.  Our main conclusions this month were:

1. The majority of new clients are looking for a property priced between 200k and 400k.

2. The interest is spread evenly between the Portes du Soleil /  Grand Massif / Chamonix+Megeve+Aravis.

3. The French are well and truly back in the market as far as buying is concerned.

We are currently experiencing the highest number of sales in our history. Our last peak was in 2005. The current enthusiasm goes against the feeling the UK media is pushing. The reasons for our current positive results may well be.

1. We have more properties than ever for sale.

2. It’s a buyers market and sellers are very willing to negotiate.

3. Selling prices (as opposed to advertised prices) have reduced significantly.

4. The French are buying again, they aren’t being bombarded by negative financial press and in fact the French economy is probably in a much better state than the British economy.

5. The Euro seems to have stabilised and is slowly weakening against the pound.

Long may this continue. The only people who aren’t happy currently are the people that have to sell their properties. Though if they are taking the proceeds back to the UK the strong euro means that they go home with more pounds than the would have done 1 yr ago OR if they are moving within France they are reassured by the fact their new property is also “cheaper”.

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